Sunday Night Alternative
An opportunity for you to experience God in different ways. This is not a repeat of our Sunday morning services. Below you can find some more details on what each night entails, as well as a calendar of upcoming Sunday Night Alternatives. 


Guided Prayer Night:  An opportunity to set aside some time to sit, listen, spend time, and talk with God in an unhurried way.  We will focus on hearing God through scripture, read prayers together, pray for needs, and end with time around the Lord’s Supper.

Worship Night: The focus is on worshipping through songs led by our worship leaders. Come and express your worship however you feel, whether you stand, sit, or lay down. This is a judgment-free space to praise God. 

Interactive Study Night: A time of interactive teaching. You will get the chance to take part in a question and answer period that will allow you to connect with the teaching on a deeper level. 

Sunday Night Service: Similar to our Sunday morning service but you will notice it is more "pulled back". This service will still include songs and a message.