Check out the child care website below!

Your Children

Gateway Childcare Centre would like to meet the childcare needs of the families/relatives of Gateway City Church.

If you are requiring childcare - 30 months to school age, before and after school care or our preschool program, please go to our website and fill out a waitlist form at your earliest convenience in order to secure a spot for your child/children.

Bottle Drive

1. Kindly drop off your bottles and cans at a General Grants.
2. Mention "Gateway Children's Centre" as the account
3. No need to stand in line-simply mention our account and leave knowing you have supported us!

Drop off at any of the following General Grants locations!
1. Sahali - 963 Camosun Crescent
2. Northshore - 611 Fortune Drive
3. Downtown - 1395 Battle Street ( unit B )

Donate Items
If you own any of the following items & are willing to donate, please email pictures to Natalie - Thank you so much!
    • bike helmets
    • old pots/pans//baking tins/utensils (for mud kitchen)
    • funnels (all sizes)
    • potato mashers
    • plastic measuring cups and spoons
    • fabric scraps
    • children's clothing (tops and bottoms for age 2-6)
    • towels and sheets (flat style)
    • t-shirts (use for messy art)
    • small hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, nuts & bolts
    • Wood scraps
    • take apart appliances
    • tongs/tweezers
    • whisks
    • wicker baskets
    • small Christmas lights
    • plastic milk crates
    • wooden pallets
    • typewriters